I have been studying Bikram Yoga for three years, beginning in Dallas and now at Still Hot Yoga for nine months. Yoga is a life and spirit enhancement for me. With the guidance that I am receiving from S.H.Y. it is both challenging and soothing. It is the simplicity of the instruction and no rush approach I find so attractive. Having a many year professional dance background, I am learning how to direct that same energy and focus into my yoga practice. In so many ways, the practice reminds me of how dancers are trained (minus the pressure. LOL) That is what makes practicing at this studio so rewarding, NO PRESSURE…

S.H.Y. is a wonderful place to study and practice. There is a sincere welcoming at the studio. Time to speak and get to know the instructors, chat with newly made friends and get your YOGA ON!

  • Thank you Eric for saying TAKE YOUR TIME GETTING INTO THE POSTURE…
  • Thank you Nicole for that Eartha Kitt twang in your voice… “I’m not in the mood for your win’en today….”
  • Thank you Andy for allowing us to TWERK OUT BEFORE standing head to knee!
  • Thank you Cleveland for reminding me WHY we do this… because it’s COOL!
  • Thank you Randy for TOUCH IT!!!!! TOUCH IT TOUCH IT!!!!

Artfully Yours,
Le’Von (Mr. C)

Written by Bucky Silverado

If you stop every time a dog barks, your road will never end. If you wish the dog to follow you, feed him. A dog has four feet, but he can’t walk four different paths. The barking of a dog does not disturb the man on a camel. Woof.