Your health and safety is our top priority. We have been monitoring the situation in real-time, as it evolves, watching the guidance from the CDC.

To ensure your safety, we have implemented new studio guidelines to provide you with a safe class experience. We need the cooperation of everyone in order for this to run smoothly.

Reduced Class Sizes

Our studio has significantly reduced class sizes to guarantee a minimum of 7 feet of personal space between yoga mats. There is a maximum of 14 students and the one instructor, 11 ft apart from center of mat, in each class. Your yoga mat MUST be placed on the tape marking on the floor. No exceptions! Even for family members and those who live together, you must use the designated spaces provided.


You must sign in on mindbody in order to join. We are not accepting drop-in students at this time in order to adhere to the 14 student maximum. Expect to be turned away if you do not sign in before class. No late comers at all, so please try to avoid that as Cleve hates turning anyone away. No doubles for now either.

To accomodate high demand, a waitlist has been implemented. Please be patient and check your status frequently.

No-Shows Will Be Charged

In order to accomodate as many people as possible all class reservations must be canceled with a minimum notice of two hours before the scheduled class or you will be charged. We are sorry to have to do this but we are operating a business in the midst of a pandemic and we must do everything we can to continue to operate with the reduced revenue from having to limit classes and attendance.

This also provides people on the waitlist with the opportunity to claim any canceled spots.

Front Door

It will be kept open to limit door handle contact. By the hot-room door and bathroom we have tissues to use to open the door, you’ll see, there are trash cans beside said doors.

Mat Placement

You will see the tape on the floor, please do not argue for a spot, you may have to set up in a place you normally do not. We ensured in the tape placement, which is staggered, that you will see yourself in the mirror. There are 10 spots. Place mat over the tape you will see where the x or cross in the tape that is center of the mat.

Heating System

As our studio uses infrared heat panels. No Forced air and, as always, we will open doors during class for fresh air.

Our NEW rubber floors are literally brand new ( March 2020). We will be disinfecting the floors between each class.

Air Cleaning

We use a Hydroxyl Generator to purify the air in the yoga room. We have always used this.

Equipment Usage

We will not be able to provide any mats, towels, etc. for any of the classes. Please bring your own yoga mat, towels, and a pre-filled water bottle. Please bring a bottle larger enough to last through the entire 90 minute class to avoid the need to refill during class.

Please remain on your mat during the entire class. We ask that you only leave your mat if it is absolutely necessary.

No personal belongings, except for water and towels, will be allowed in the yoga room during class.

NO MASKS in the hot room. Your ability to breathe without impediment is an important safety consideration during any exercise.

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms and showers will be closed until further notice. This means no showers and no storage of items. Please lock your valuables in your car, OUT OF SIGHT. Only bring into the studio what you must. You may leave personal effects in the lobby during class. We always lock the door during class.

PLEASE do not use the bathrooms as a changing room.


Shoes will be placed in the lobby with your other stuff.


Until we are back to capacity, we are only running two classes a day. We will see how this goes, and go from there. View the class schedule.


Everyone must sign a new 2020 Covid-19 waiver ensuring you are not sick and have not been exposed to anyone with the virus. If you are sick please do not come to class. We will have clean pens at the front desk. The waiver is available to download and print at home if you prefer.

The Practice

Nothing changes about our tradition within the class, or our practice. It’s what we love to do– 26&2 Bikram yoga. However, we will now turn sideways on our mats instead of steeping over them. This is only until we feel its safe to go back to “normal.”

Thank you SHY Cleve/Ahoo

We look forward to seeing you in studio and working together to make this a successful transition.

IF you have any issues or concerns please bring these to Cleve. Please know we will do all we can to create a safe yoga experience for you.