Introducing Yoga Prescriptions
  • March 27, 2016
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Introducing Yoga Prescriptions

The underlying philosophy behind our mission at Still Hot Yoga is “yogapathy,” or yoga as medicine or therapy. All of our classes are taught with the understanding that every practitioner has unique capabilities and needs which must be addressed even in group classes.

Group classes, with everyone doing the same postures (asanas) in the same sequence and timing are a particularly Western thing. SHY owner Eric Jennings holds a certificate of merit from Ghosh Yoga College in Calcutta where every practitioner is given a yoga prescription — a sequence of exercises and asanas that is designed specifically for their unique physiology, ability and needs. Whereas group yoga classes are primarily intended as a preventive, or “maintenance” practice, yoga prescriptions are designed to address a particular set of circumstances including all sorts of body shapes, conditions, injuries, ailments or diseases.

Yoga prescriptions are our newest service at SHY and they are designed with two goals:

  • Identify and address difficulties which you may be experiencing in your current practice, or
  • Address a specific condition or injury that you feel your current practice is not helping you resolve.

You don’t need a Yoga Prescription to receive advice and suggestions for any challenges you may be experiencing in class. Eric is available to all SHY clients for a free consultation on any aspect of your practice that you may be struggling with. If you have a fairly simple situation or condition that you would like a few suggestions for or posture modifications to work with all you have to do is ask. The prescription program is designed to address complex or persistent problems that may be outside the range of common challenges.

If you’re interested in a yoga prescription, this is how they will work:

  1. An initial meeting to discuss your needs
  2. Within a few days, you will be given a unique prescription comprised of posture modifications or alternatives to use in class as well as supplemental daily movement exercises or asanas for you to practice at home.
  3. A second meeting to review and discuss your prescription, including how to perform all prescribed exercises or asanas.
  4. A follow-up meeting after the first 1-3 weeks to evaluate your progress and determine if the prescription should be continued or modified.

The price for a Yoga Prescription is $125 inclusive, meaning you get the three meetings described above, the original written prescription, a second modified prescription if necessary and continuing support until you feel your situation has been adequately addressed.

SHY clients that are on our monthly Auto-Renew plan will receive a $25 discount and pay only $100.

Written by Eric

Eric Jennings practices and teaches yoga in the style and method originated by Bishnu Ghosh, acclaimed Indian physical culturist. He holds certifications from Ghosh Yoga College of India (2016), Yogic Physical Culture Academy (2013) and Bikram Yoga, Inc. (2001). He has studied with Muktamala Mitra, Jared McCann, Mary Jarvis, Tony Sanchez, Marlysa Sullivan, William Huffschmidt, Yoganand Michael Carrol and Bikram Choudhury.

With a background in theatre and performance one of Eric’s strengths as an instructor is his ability to offer clear and accessible instruction making all practitioners, no matter their level of experience, feel safe, supported and encouraged in their practice.