Tricia W.

I started doing Bikram Yoga 3 years ago. The beginning of this year I found out I was pregnant and was a little concerned about doing hot yoga while being pregnant. I talked to my doctor and midwife about it. They said to stay well hydrated and since I had been practicing before I got pregnant I would be fine doing it while being pregnant. (I did practice in the back of the room with a fan on me, for my own peace of mind)

I knew all the benefits Bikram Yoga had on my body both physically and mentally and was curious to see how it would be during pregnancy. This was my 4th pregnancy and I had not practiced any type of yoga before or during my other pregnancy’s. Bikram Yoga Decatur teachers were very helpful in showing me the pregnancy modification postures. As I went through my entire pregnancy Bikram yoga helped me in ways I never imagined. It helped me in managing a healthy weight, to enjoy my practice more by being more relaxed and not as uptight about the little things (temp of room, surroundings….), breathing during labor, a very easy quick delivery & recovery. The quick recovery allowed me to start practicing again just 2 weeks postpartum & to be back into my regular clothes right after my baby was born [see note below]. I contribute my easy, healthy pregnancy and feeling the best I have ever felt postpartum to Bikram yoga and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I want to thank BYD for having such professional, encouraging and wonderful teachers who genuinely care about each student and for making my practice that much better and fun!!! I also must say that the students at BYD are amazing! I workout at a variety of different places and I’ve never been to a place where I feel so comfortable and the other students are uplifting, nonjudgmental, supportive and many have become dear friends! I really cannot speak anymore highly of BYD!!

[This addendum is from Eric: I don’t usually intrude on testimonials but I want to stress that returning to class only two weeks after delivery is not usually recommended. The fact that Tricia was able to do so is a testament to her dedication and commitment to her practice. Her presence at BYD has been inspirational for all of us and we are grateful for it.]
Written by Bucky Silverado

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