The Yoga Challenge

The Yoga Challenge

The Yoga Challenge is a way to take your practice to a new level and it’s simple to undertake. If you’re new to your yoga practice, this is an opportunity to discover amazing things about yourself and your abilities. You will be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually transformed. If you’ve already got a regular practice, then the Challenge will be an opportunity to take it to a profoundly deeper level.

How It Works

  • You may sign up for a challenge any time.
  • Write your name and start date on the Challenge Chalk Board.
  • Add a mark on the Board for every class you attend.
  • Complete 30 classes in 30 days and you will receive a $30 studio credit.
  • Complete 20 classes in 30 days and you will receive a $20 studio credit.
  • Complete 10 classes in 10 days and you will receive a $30 studio credit.
    • You may make up for a missed day by taking two classes on another day (a double).
    • You may only do 2 doubles.
    • Triples (3 classes in a single day) are not allowed.
    • No special class card is required — you may use any of our regular class cards while on your challenge. The Monthly Unlimited makes the most sense but you may also use an existing, active class card.


  • Be sure you are reasonably healthy and fit before undertaking the challenge.
  • It’s helpful to sign up with a friend for support and encouragement.
  • Don’t make any major lifestyle changes such as dieting or fasting during your challenge.
  • Minimize your intake of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. If you’re already on a medication and your body is accustomed to it then it should be fine to continue with it.
  • Take it easy! The primary challenge is to commit to your practice and get to the studio every day — it is not important to start pushing yourself any more in class than your body is already accustomed to and in fact, it may be wise to back off a little.
  • This is a challenge, not a competition. There is no winning or losing. It is possible that you aren’t ready for this and you may decide to stop at any time without shame or regret.
  • If you think you have injured yourself during the challenge be sure to seek advice and suggestions from an instructor before continuing.
  • Drink lots of water and have fun!
Written by Bucky Silverado

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