I am a Bikram Yoga Decatur enthusiast. I’ve been practicing here for about four years, but over the last 18 mos have been attending 3-6 days a week (when in town). Why, one might ask, go into a hot box for an exacting routine that starts the sweat flowing within the first few minutes?

A bit about me: I’m 68 years old and a retired physician in public health with CDC (including a year in Switzerland with WHO), DeKalb County and the State of Georgia (my last job was as the state health officer for 3 years). I know from these years that most of health depends on healthy behaviors, particularly physical activity. I was a wrestler in high school and my first two years of college (injury shortened my career), so I am familiar with hard physical exercise. I am interested in anatomy or how the body is put together and works. I enjoy the heat and sweat (and chill) of a sauna. I even built a wood-fired sauna in my back yard in Atlanta. So you can see some aspects of Bikram are naturally appealing.

I greatly enjoy my experience at Bikram Yoga Decatur. I am always improving, so that is rewarding in itself. I will never make the cover page of a yoga magazine, but the continual improvement is a part of what Bikram Yoga is all about – always room for improvement, regardless of where you are. I enjoy the challenge of the same routine every practice because it allows me to observe the changes in my body and my mind – some days are not good and other days it’s a pleasure. I also enjoy the discipline of the Bikram method as taught at the Decatur studio (not rigid, but an effort to get everyone participating in postures at the same time). Finally, this studio has many different teachers, each of whom brings their own approach to practice and each has an area of interest that they stress in particular postures. (Plus they are all enjoyable people after class.) I have greatly improved my fitness and have lost more than 25 pounds with this practice. (I had to have all my trousers taken in to fit the new Stu!)

I also travel a lot, so the fact that Bikram studios are located throughout the US (and I understand also in Europe) is a great plus. I look up my destination on line and have been able to attend practice most cities I visit. Typically they have multiple offerings, so I can fit a practice into my schedule of tourism, family time and other activities. In the last year, I have practiced at studios in Baltimore MD, Fort Collins CO, Santa Rosa CA, and Seattle WA. This is a pleasure in itself because each has their own philosophy and a unique set of instructors who emphasize different things. Sometimes they give me a lot of attention because I’ll “..only get their instruction for a few days”; other times they welcome me as though I was a routine student. At each out of town studio, one or more instructors have noted my discipline in practice, reflecting well, they say, on my home studio.

Written by Bucky Silverado

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