Save $$ with Account Credits

Save $$ with Account Credits

We are allowed to have a minimum credit card charge of up to $10 but we have never implemented that. We also pay very high fees for small purchases. Since some of our small retail items are priced with a low markup we make very little money on them. One solution that we have used to address this is allowing people to accumulate an account balance before charging their card but this practice hurts our cash flow. A better solution is to have people pre-pay for account credit so we are now offering a discount to anyone who pre-pays for account credit.

  • Get $100 credit for $90 (save 10%)
  • Get $50 credit for $47.50 (save 5%)
  • Get $25 credit for $24.00 (save 4%)
  • Credit purchased this way never expires and may be used for products or classes.
  • Concurrent with these new options, we are no longer allowing people to “run a tab.”

(In case you’re wondering about the sad dog above, that’s what I look like every month when I see our credit card processing fees.)

Written by Bucky Silverado

If you stop every time a dog barks, your road will never end. If you wish the dog to follow you, feed him. A dog has four feet, but he can’t walk four different paths. The barking of a dog does not disturb the man on a camel. Woof.