One Class Isn’t Enough

One Class Isn’t Enough

We joke that the reason we want newcomers to buy one of our Introductory Class Cards (1 Week or 1 Month) is that we think if you try several classes you’ll quickly become addicted and want to keep coming back. The thing is, though, it’s not just a joke. There’s also a strong science-based rational for why you shouldn’t judge your hot yoga experience based on just one class, or even two or three. There are many advantages to exercising in the heat but your body needs time to acclimate to it. There are some early adaptions your body will make in the first 1-5 days but complete heat acclimatization can require up to 10-14 days. Here are a couple of geeky articles which explain why:

Exercising in the heat may improve athletic performance…


But as with anything else, the proof is in the practice. When you’re new to the practice, come as often as you can and you will soon start to feel for yourself how invigorating and refreshing a hot, sweaty yoga class can be.

Written by Bucky Silverado

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