Earn it Back Cards

Earn it Back Cards

New clients and anyone who purchases a single Monthly Unlimited class card can earn credit to be applied towards their next class card purchase with our new “Earn it Back” punch cards.

These cards are available only to clients who purchase one of the following class cards:

  • Intro Month for $49.00
  • Intro Week for $29.00
  • One month unlimited for $135.00

The following conditions apply:

  • For each class attended you may earn $1 credit towards your next class card purchase
  • You must present the card at each class and have the instructor initial a circle. If you forget to bring the card then cannot earn anything for that class.
  • The money earned can only be applied to you very next class card purchase
  • The cards and credit earned are not transferable
  • The maximum amount you can earn is $20
Written by Bucky Silverado

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