My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas last weekend, and not having flown for awhile I was remembering my stiff and swollen knees in the past upon arrival at our destinations after several hours of flight. This despite getting up and stretching in the bathroom, etc. (I even try to do some yoga poses in there…challenging!).

So – I was overjoyed when we landed, and walking through the Vegas airport I experienced very little stiffness! AND – the next day I completed a beautiful 2 mile, 2-hour hike in Red Rock Canyon which included some boulder scrambling.

This is the main reason why I do Bikram yoga – to be able to keep my own joints (not replacements) into old age. Thanks, BYD!! BTW, I’ve been practicing about 5 years, 2x/week, at the ripe young age of 53.

Written by Bucky Silverado

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