Eric Jennings, Owner, C0-Director
Rebecca Rumpf, C0-Director

Studio Phone: 404-329-1006
This is the yoga studio front desk. You are most likely to catch us at this number if you call 10-15 minutes before or after a scheduled class. If you want to leave a message please call 678-685-1006.

Voicemail and Hotline: 678-685-1006
This is the our voice mailbox and cancelation hotline. Call this number if you’re wondering about holiday or weather cancelations or if you want to leave a message. Messages left here are transcribed and sent to us by email so please leave an email address if you like.

Come and See Us!
Visitors are always welcome to drop by our studio without an appointment to sign up, attend class or just say hi. But we’re only there during scheduled class times so always check the schedule before dropping in. The best time to catch us is 20 minutes before or 10 minutes after a scheduled class because the doors are locked while classes are in session.

Mailing Address:
Still Hot Yoga
1549 Clairmont Rd #206
Decatur GA 30033

Please don’t send catalogs or commercial solicitations without first calling to ask if we’re interested — more than 95% of our mail goes right into the recycle bin. Please save your printing and postage costs (and a lot of trees, while you’re at it.)

Written by Bucky Silverado

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