Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

People of all ages and in any shape can do hot yoga but you should always consult with a physician before exercising with a medical condition or injury.

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class

(Although we offer Bikram yoga classes, Still Hot Yoga is not affiliated with Bikram Yoga, Inc.)

This 90 minute class is suitable for people of all levels, including beginners.

Bikram yoga is the original “hot yoga” practice. It is suitable for all levels of ability and can be practiced by anyone at any age and in any shape or condition (but you should still get approval from a physician if you have health concerns or an injury). This 90 minute class helps create equanimity in strength, balance and flexibility and it improves functionality and efficiency in all the bodies systems.

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BEYOND Bikram Yoga

This 90 minute class suitable for people of all levels, including beginners. 

BEYOND Bikram similar to a regular Bikram Yoga class but we include optional posture variations that may be performed in the second set. We also throw in some additional postures, which are also optional. Bikram Yoga addicts can get their regular fix in the class by ignoring the optional variations and simply doing the regular Bikram Yoga postures in both sets. But anyone how wants to go a little further will be able to.

Hot Fix

This 60 minute class is suitable for people of all levels, including beginners.

This class is derived from and inspired by the Bikram yoga sequence. It includes all of the same postures and breathing exercises but it moves faster and incorporates a “yoga flow” technique for some of the postures. We also only do some of the postures one time.

Yin Yoga

This 90 minute class is suitable for people of all levels, including beginners.

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the body, lengthening the muscles of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Many of the poses are seated, supine, or prone, and are held with the muscle relaxed for at least three to five minutes. This deep practice is gentle yet intense, helping to release tension and practice staying present. Yin complements the more muscularly strenuous styles of yoga.

Written by Bucky Silverado

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