Centering Youth

Centering Youth

Still Hot Yoga is a proud partner of Centering Youth, a non-profit yoga service initiative that brings Yoga and Mindfulness to young people in juvenile justice system, and to those who have been sexually exploited, abused or are homeless.

Centering Youth Class

It is the goal of Centering Youth to give participants tools to help them function in their family units, in schools and in their communities, so they can succeed in reaching their positive goals, avoid future contact with the criminal justice system and advance the cause of community safety. Our classes are, when possible and appropriate, are open to parents, guardians and the staffs of the facilities, such as juvenile courts, where the classes are being offered, since our classes benefit all who participate and assist in creating a positive bond between the youthful participants, their parents and those who supervise or otherwise assist them.

In addition, Centering Youth offers training workshops and other activities for those involved in, or who want to become involved in, bringing yoga and mindfulness to underserved communities.  Centering Youth seeks to raise awareness and the level of service activity in the Atlanta yoga community and across the nation.

Written by Eric

Eric Jennings practices and teaches yoga in the style and method originated by Bishnu Ghosh, acclaimed Indian physical culturist. He holds certifications from Ghosh Yoga College of India (2016), Yogic Physical Culture Academy (2013) and Bikram Yoga, Inc. (2001). He has studied with Muktamala Mitra, Jared McCann, Mary Jarvis, Tony Sanchez, Marlysa Sullivan, William Huffschmidt, Yoganand Michael Carrol and Bikram Choudhury. With a background in theatre and performance one of Eric's strengths as an instructor is his ability to offer clear and accessible instruction making all practitioners, no matter their level of experience, feel safe, supported and encouraged in their practice.