I had Lymphoma cancer and underwent heavy chemotherapy for almost half a year. I had a list of direct side effects, some of them were that I lost most sensitivity in amongst others my fingers, toes and right upper leg and all my nails had become weak. I started practicing hot yoga at SHY a month after my last chemo dose and fascinating improvements happened! After every class, within 24 hours I had a recognizable increased sensitivity.

The teachers at Still Hot Yoga were and are very understanding and thoughtful to help me throughout the classes, allowing me to get back into a regular exercise routine while dealing with the side effect discomforts. The owner at Still Hot Yoga has created a terrific culture at the studio resulting in a highly accepting and down to earth approach making me feel welcome and at home every time I go for practice.

Today, I still practice with a port implant stitched to my breast muscle, all teachers help out and give alternative instructions were needed. Looking back, I realize I made the best exercise decision for the road of recovery by choosing Still Hot Yoga.

Based on my experience, I’d hope that other cancer survivors in search for a sustainable exercise try hot yoga, you’ll appreciate your decision forever.

My sincere thank you to Eric, Cleve, Lisa, Rebecca and all others, you are great!

Written by Bucky Silverado

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